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Hi, I’m Rupert Bottenberg, a Canadian visual artist with a drawing-based practice (illustration, graphic literature, and more); a writer and editor; and an event coordinator.

I was born in 1971 in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and since the age of two have made Montreal, Quebec my home.

A devoted comic-book artist and enthusiast, I’ve created strips and stories for anthologies in the U.S., Canada and Europe. I founded the Montreal Comic Art Jam multidisciplinary art events, served as comic-book correspondent on CBC Radio’s Brave New Waves show and have overseen comic-related events for several Montreal festivals, including the Fantasia genre-film festival, with which I have worked since its inception in 1996 (I co-edit the fest’s biblical program guide every year). I’ve has also directed comic-book workshops for teenagers, including a weeklong residency in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik. In 2011, I served as translation editor on The Song of Roland (Conundrum Press’s English-language edition of Michel Rabagliati’s Paul à Québec).

My commercial illustrations have graced many posters, T-shirts, album sleeves and publications as diverse as Screw, Star Wars Kids and a series of Urdu-instruction textbooks for Pakistani-Canadian kids. I have also dabbled in short-film creation and animation, in painting, sculpture and printmaking, as well as curating group exhibitions.

Following my youthful forays into concert production (particularly all-ages events) and other music-related activities (other than, um, playing music), I spent a decade and a half in the music journalism field. A former music editor at the Montreal Mirror newsweekly (now sadly defunct), I’ve also written freelance for other outlets. During my tenure at the Mirror I had the pleasure of interviewing such notables as Björk, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Neil Gaiman, Mad’s Sergio Aragonés, and my idol, Joe Strummer of the Clash.

From 2009 through 2014, I served as co-director of the En Masse collaborative art initiative, and continue to participate in the projects amazing collective creations. In 2012 I (finally) released my debut solo book of comix and artwork, Traumstadtdenken, with Éditions Trip. It is available in both print and e-book formats. In 2013, it won Quebec’s Prix Bédélys Indépendant for best indie comic book in the province.

I invite you to click through to the various projects I’m involved in — En Masse, Lost Myths, my book Traumstadtdenken, and various other interesting oddities. You can find them through the sidebar here, or on my Projects page. Also, I’m posting a new image from my body of work — new stuff, old stuff, loose stuff, odds ’n’ ends — every Monday and every Thursday at this site. Come back anytime, y’all.


Solo and split exhibitions

Retina Rash, Noize Records, Montreal, 1999
Traumstadt with Philip Bottenberg, O Patro Vys, Montreal, 2007
Split show with R. Suicide, Monastiraki, Montreal, 2008

Group exhibitions/contributor

Mastik, Cheval Blanc, Montreal, 1997
Luciole, Cheval Blanc, Montreal, 1998
Legal Action Comics Art Show, CBGB’s 313 Gallery, New York City, 2001
Ink on the Edge: 15 Montreal Alternative Cartoonists, Tadu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004
Comic Craze symposium, Banff Centre, Banff, 2006
Montréal, Cité Bédé/Comic City, SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art, Montreal, 2007
Modern Animalia, Headquarters, Montreal, 2007
Sight ’N Sound, Off the Hook, Montreal, 2007
Poor Traits, Headquarters, Montreal, 2009
Fab Fibe Show 2009, Sculpture Square, Singapore, 2009
Press Start, Headquarters, Montreal 2010
La BD québécoise à l’âge du numérique, Librairie Phylactère, Québec, 2011
Salon Masse, Galerie Pangée, Montreal, 2012
Here and There: 11 Artists From Montreal, NoGlobe Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, 2012
If They Came From Within: An Alternative History of Canadian Horror, Cinémathèque québécoise, Montreal, 2012
Osheaga Arts Village, Montreal, 2012

Group shows/coordinator and contributor

Panik Mekanik, Sub-V, Montreal, 2006
Gene Swarm, Le Kop Shop, Montreal, 2007
Aeroquatica, Le Kop Shop, Montreal, 2007
Linear Thinking, Headquarters, Montreal, 2007
En Masse @ MBAM, Musée des Beaux-Art de Montréal, Montreal, 2011
En Masse @ Winooski Pop-Up Gallery District, Winooski VT, 2012
Totems Urbains @ FIMA, Montreal, 2012
En Masse @ HEC, Montreal, 2012
En Masse @ AGH Design Annex, Hamilton ON, 2012
En Masse @ Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, 2012


Real Stuff (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1995; Swifty Morales Press, USA, 2005): “Toxic Cut”
Ego comme X vol. 2 (Ego comme X, Belgium, 1995): “X-Ray Love”
Arbeitees: Einer Industrium Dokument with Marc Bell (Crunchy Comics, Canada, 1996)
Drozophile vol. 2 (Drozophile, Switzerland, 1997): “untitled”
La vache enragée anthologie 1996-1997 (Revue Stop, Canada, 1998): “Slunko’s Way”
Image Gun (Crunchy Comics, Canada, 2000): “untitled”
Cyclope (Zone Convective, Canada, 2000): “Gurgulupticon”
Legal Action Comics vol. 1 (Dirty Danny Legal Defense Fund, USA, 2001): “X-Ray Love”
Cyclops (Conundrum Press, Canada, 2003): “Between Gentlemen”
L’enfance du Cyclope (Les 400 Coups, Canada, 2003): “Entre gentilehommes”
Legal Action Comics vol. 2 (Dirty Danny Legal Defense Fund, USA, 2003): “A:”
Urdu For Children: Books One-Six (McGill-Queen’s University Press, Canada, 2004): illustrations
Mac Tin Tac (Conundrum Press, Canada, 2004): “The Netherworld”
106U vol. 7 (106U, Canada, 2004): “Box Populi”
Plan Cartésien (Méchanique Générale/Les 400 Coups, Canada, 2006): “Aedyphysse”
Monster Island Three (Conundrum Press, Canada, 2007): “Reflections in the Aftermath of a Tripartite Second-Reel Kaiju Battle”
Typhon (Dirty Danny Press, USA, 2008): “X/O”
Objects of Worship by Claude Lalumière (CZP, Canada, 2009): illustrations
Les Fumettos du Cyclope (Éditions Trip, Canada, 2010): “Cyclope Romantique”
106U vol. 9 (106U, Canada, 2012): “SKLH+1”
Traumstadtdenken (Éditions Trip, Canada, 2012): collected works
Arbeitees V2 with Marc Bell (Paper Pusher, 2013)
Circulus (Éditions Trip, Canada, 2014)

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