Tu’er Ye @ Full Circle



Flanked by the fine stylings of Katie Green, Olivier Bonnard, Jeremy Shantz and Jason Botkin, here’s my interpretation of Beijing’s little rabbit god Tu’er Ye… clutching a quart of pee-joe, rather than his apothecary’s pestle. He’s on the wall at Station 16, where the EN MASSE exhibition Full Circle is on until April 4.

Spookshow Spex



The old-school 3D-movie glasses I designed for the If They Came From Within art show (a mockumentary history of imagined indie Canadian horror cinema). These were for The Arcticons, a zesty ’60s sci-fi thriller that never existed. I printed a pair on cardstock, cut out the eyeholes and slapped in the appropriate red and blue gels — fully functional, film fiends!

Saharan Sandsnapper



Extracted from “Alphabestiarium”, in my book Traumstadtdenken: “Seen by some as a singularly sinister specimen, the seven-limbed, silver-horned Saharan Sandsnapper stealthily seeks its selected subject for a sudden, swift succession of severe septic slashes.” (Nasty little guy!)