Spookshow Spex



The old-school 3D-movie glasses I designed for the If They Came From Within art show (a mockumentary history of imagined indie Canadian horror cinema). These were for The Arcticons, a zesty ’60s sci-fi thriller that never existed. I printed a pair on cardstock, cut out the eyeholes and slapped in the appropriate red and blue gels — fully functional, film fiends!




The customized piano I created for public display and performance, one of four such pianos commissioned for Montreal’s Plateau district this summer. Mine, unfortunately, got raided by ne’er-do-wells, leaving my artwork intact but the guts of the piano destroyed by rain, so now it’s just an objet d’art, under the guardianship of its opening-night player, the remarkable Alex Nevsky.

Rotocranial Munny

A customized Munny I made with my pal Paul Shepherdson for a group show at Camion de Pompier. There’s a switch in his butt, and when it’s flipped, the colourful foolishness atop his head rotates. Fancy!