Diamondheads @ Osheaga

Three of the 16 11”x17” Diamondhead talismanic ornaments I suspended from tree branches around the Arts Village at Montreal’s Osheaga fest 2012. Overseen by Fred Caron, the Arts Village included an En Masse For the Masses jam, a rock-poster tent, your-face-here wooden trompe-l’oeil fun c/o Jason Botkin, and an instant instrument factory operated by Skewville.

Of the 16 Diamondheads I installed, only eight remained after the festival ended — guess I didn’t hang ’em high enough, hope they found good homes! (Photo c/o Hoover Chung)

Station 16 print

One of edition of 45 prints — each with a unique, distinctive face painted in watercolours — I did with Montreal’s Station 16 print studio. See my Projects page for more on this. And check out Station 16 — they’re both an outlet for exciting print works by a variety of cool artists, and a capable and accommodating silkscreen production house (I got my Traumstadtdenken T-shirts made up there).