Manual Marvel



A rather handy contraption, selected from the recently released Arbeitees V2, by Marc Bell and myself. Printed with the delightful risograph process by publisher Paper Pusher, the 16-page oversize colour minicomic revisits the 1996 mini Bell and I doodled out (recently reprinted by Fantagraphics Books in their new Treasury of Mini Comics Vol. 1). Arbeitees V2, coloured by good pal Kirsten McCrea, will soon be available for order on Paper Pusher’s site but for the moment, you can grab it here.

Meched-up Miniature Muckabouts


An image from  Arbeitees: Einer Industrium Dokument, a portfolio of puttering peewees doodled up together by Marc Bell and myself in the mid-’90s (published in minicomic format by Crunchy Comics in 1996). Fellow comix-crafter Rick Trembles did a sweet little featurette about Arbeitees at his site, Snubdom, in 2001.

A couple of years ago, Marc and I did another round of these tableaux of tiny technicians. Arbeitees V2 is coming soon, c/o Paper Pusher.