Tu’er Ye @ Full Circle



Flanked by the fine stylings of Katie Green, Olivier Bonnard, Jeremy Shantz and Jason Botkin, here’s my interpretation of Beijing’s little rabbit god Tu’er Ye… clutching a quart of pee-joe, rather than his apothecary’s pestle. He’s on the wall at Station 16, where the EN MASSE exhibition Full Circle is on until April 4.

Shanghai Shakedown


A detail from the 5’x16’ vertical En Masse jam created at a dusty furniture workshop on the outskirts of Shanghai. It was hardly dry before it was whisked off and installed behind the cash register at the Converse store in Shanghai’s iAMP Mall. It’s a jam with Jason Botkin and Deviljax… my bit is the freaky flying bunny with the punk collar and lucky 8 on its hip.