Echo of Expo 67

Artwork for the wedding invitation of my friends PJ & Melora, riffing on Expo 67 with a view from the grounds of the Canadian Pavilion on Île Notre-Dame. The pavilion’s Toundra salon is a popular site for marriage ceremonies in Montreal. Check out this cool little chunk of retro NFB propa-Canada chic, concerning the pavilion.

Omnichromatic Unicornity

A detail from a business card I designed for a dear friend a few years ago. Possibly the greatest achievement in the global history of Photoshop tomfuckery, almost certainly the most edifying work of art I’ve ever created, and a sincere representation of what I hope Lucky ’13 has in store for each and every one of us.

Bily Kun has A/C!

An advertising illustration hyping the refreshing air conditioning at Bily Kun, a chic and popular bar on Montreal’s Rue Mont-Royal — drop in and grab a drink under the imperious gaze of the establishment’s notorious row of ostrich trophies.