En Masse
is the Montreal-based art initiative I co-direct with Jason Botkin. Its mandate is, by way of largely improvised, collaborative, black-and-white artworks, to build a network of visual artists from marginalized disciplines — comix, graffiti, tattoo art, animation, illustration etc. — and bring them into established art institutions, and into the eye of the general public. Founded in the winter of 2009, En Masse has grown remarkably with high-profile installations, events in numerous cities and an ever-expanding community of artists and allies. Visit the En Masse site for more info.




is my debut solo book of “comix + images”, published by Éditions Trip in March 2012. In 2013, it won the Prix Bédélys Indépendant. It offers an overview of the techniques, tropes, ideas and angles that inform my work. It collects various comic stories and graphic art from the previous decade, woven together with newly generated material. I like to think it follows an intuitive thread of obvious and not-so-obvious connections, from cover to cover. It is available in both print and e-book editions.





Click Clack Clique
is a low-profile yet longstanding project of mine, an sculptural exercise in which recycled toy parts, cheap craft supplies and discarded domestic items are assembled into an intensely colourful and busy world of creatures and objects. CCC has been used in a short film (2003), in art exhibitions and in photo-comic form in Les Fumettos du Cyclope. I’m currently developing a full book of CCC photos with my friend, photographer Paul Shepherdson.





Through Montreal print studio Station 16, I created an edition of 45 15″x18″ prints combining serigraphy and watercolours — an effort to reconcile the affordability of multiples with the resonance of the unique, original artefact. Moreover, the artwork for the silkscreen element was created directly on obsolete Amberlith, to reduce the degrees of separation between the artist’s hand and the viewers eye to as few as possible (see stages of production here). The prints are available at Station 16’s online store.





If They Came From Within: An Alternative History of Canadian Horror
is a brilliant mockumentary art project directed by Dave Alexander, editor-in-chief of Rue Morgue magazine. It teams up Canadian indie horror filmmakers with sympathetic illustrators and designers to create synopses, taglines, poster art and even further evidence for a spread of imaginary fright flicks from the True North Strong and Weird. I created a poster and a fearsome, furry maquette for Tundrasaur!, an early-’60s stop-motion creature feature that never existed. Find out more here.